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Top Freelancing Sites and Their Reviews

Reviews Of Freelancing Sites/How To Make Money Online :

I am writing this from my own three years of experiences with the Freelancing sites. I started Freelancing more about three years ago. I tested with all the Freelancing to find a better place to earn money online. I will tell here about the Freelancing sites and their perspective views about the Contractors/Workers. As it is known that the word Outsourcing or Freelancing has been made to accomplish the work outside somewhere but I regret when I see Freelancing sites are alluring Clients to post projects Saying like "Get your work done 60-80% cheaper". Yes this makes sense but this sentence makes me feel bad sometimes that Freelancing sites are mocking Freelancers/Individual workers.
Sorry for my personal opinion but that is true. Now come to the point.
Freelancing Sites: One of the famous Freelancing sites which been used by thousands. This company is really great. Recently they have started hourly job but their hourly job is not that much popular. Their site is very easy to use. A free contractor will have like 30 bids a month.Here one can choose 25 job categories. Hundreds of jobs being posted here everyday. They have a milestone system which is great when contractors start a job they request the clients to deposit the milestone to the site Freelancer and after finishing the job client release the payment. If the worker does not do work perfectly then they have the best arbitration system which helps both clients and workers. They charge 10% of job price to a non paid membership holder and also they have other types of membership plans Ranging from $4.95 to $49.95 per month. This site usually prefer paid membership and for paid membership there are more privileges. Th worst things of this site is it cut the fee of the project just after pressing the job "accept" button. Whether you don or don't the work it has already deducted the amount from your Freelancer account and on this site job fee is being cut from the contractors profile. There are three payment system one can withdraw his earnings.PayPal, Skrill(Moneybookers),Payoneer debit master card.
oDesk: This is the biggest outsourcing site throughout the internet. Newcomer is being told by the others to start off with the oDesk. As here a lot of projects being posted and lots of works done. Here a lots of projects but in case of low profile work there are lots of workers and their are lots of clients too to accomplish their work. The odd thing is here a client can get his work accomplished with less than one dollar an hour and for that more than hundred contractor application being posted. In my three years of Freelancing I have seen that oDesk is the place where anyone can get their work accomplished with the least amount of money than any other freelancing sites. This site has some major problem like they don't have any milestone payment system for the fixed price job. I have lost more than $300 on oDesk on fixed price job. In my case I did the work properly and client released the money accordingly but due to payment processing problem clients account deactivated so I lost the money not to have milestone on the project, I contacted then on that issue and they told me that if you need guaranteed payment then you have to do Hourly job. As I said they are famous for the hourly job. They give good support on hourly job in favor of the contractors. They have a disgusting six days safety period on any type of payment withdrawal from the contractors accounts. They support PayPal,Skrill(Moneybookers),Payoneer debit master card, Bank Wire as Withdrawal option. This site is easy to use.They have good support system but their live chat support takes too long to respond. Good thing is they charge 10% of the project contracts on the clients side. on oDesk there are lots of work & lots of workers & the hourly system works best, in that case it is ahead of above all.
Guru: Another Biggest site in the world of outsourcing. The most interesting thing is that you can create here Five profile and you can run only one at a time but you can run others one by one. This is is easy to use and has community forum to support each other.
vWorker: This site is not too big and lot less job is being posted here. The bad thing is this site charge 15% of the project money on the contractors. There is a system on which contractor and client can do chat on this site this is good. They support PayPal and credit card to withdraw the payment.
Peopleperhour: This is a new sites but doing better. They respect the contractors and that is why they have placed hourly project of not less than $5 so it's good. Navigation of site is easy. They support PayPal and Credit Card as payment method.
Elance: My Favorite outsourcing site to work On. They have very good support services. The site is very easy to navigate. They have milestone system for fixed price job and guaranteed payment for hourly projects. Here $3 is the least hourly project anyone can place bid. There payment system are super fast. The amount is being delivered within one business day. They support PayPal, Skrill(Moneybookers),Payoneer debit master card,Bank transfer. The other good thing is that they only charge 8.75% from a project amount and that goes precisely on the clients shoulder. Their security system is best among all the Freelancing sites.
In My Opinion Elance & oDesk is the best of All Freelancing sites
I have seen that In Freelancing world some peoples are charging $0.5 an hour and some others are charging $90 an hour. So it depends on you, how much you can earn with your skills.
If this writings help you then please drop a comment and share it.
Good Luck Folks


Congratulations on finding your way here! I hope you're ready to earn some serious money because within the next hour you can have your first £250 banked, and from there on you can be earning £250 to £500 every day!
Eager to get started? I bet you are, but please take the time to read through and understand the system properly before putting it into practice. A little patience and time invested to read all the instructions carefully will pay dividends! Remember to bookmark this page so that you can come back to it whenever you need!
For twelve years I was in banking and finance working and making money for other people. Put simply I would study and analyses financial markets to predict outcomes and advise companies and rich individuals where to put their money. It paid very well and I was pretty good at it too, the only problem being it was so damned boring.
Back in those days, by far my biggest client was a large casino group. Every time I looked at their numbers I was quite simply stunned by the amount of money these guys were bringing in, they were unbelievably successful. At the time I first worked for them they'd been in business less than three years and were already valued at over $8,000,000,000 (8 BILLION!).
But you know what I learned about these guys? Despite their phenomenal success they had very little idea of what was actually going on their sites! They had literally hundreds of thousands of people playing their online casinos every day, and they simply didn't know what all these players were doing. So I got to thinking - how could I take advantage of this? I quickly realised the following:


Combine these factors and straight away you have a HUGE advantage. It's an advantage that has enabled me to apply my simple but clever system every day without the casinos knowing. The fact now is, I've become the casino's worst nightmare - a player taking money every day with a technique they cannot detect or stop me from using! Now you can learn the technique and use it every day just like me!

The first thing you need to do is download one of the casinos from the list below.     I've listed these particular casinos because these are the ones I use successfully, so I recommend you use the same ones. Downloading and installing is very simple  and straightforward and takes only a minute or two.

All of my recommended casinos allow you to "play for fun" ie. not play with real money. When you play the casino in "play for fun" mode you are playing the  actual live casino system but with a dummy account and a dummy balance. 
This  gives you the opportunity to test my technique without any risk on exactly the same system as you would use if you were playing for real. You can play as slow as you like and take all the time you need to test the effectiveness of my system, then when you're comfortable with it you can take the plunge, create a real money account and easily play your way to £500 a day like I do.

Before you begin, if you're worried about losing or just don't like the idea of gambling, let me explain that My Revolutionary Money System will work every time it is applied correctly, so there's no actual gamble involved. You'll see from the instructions and examples on this webpage that it's mathematically impossible to lose with this system. Also don't forget you can test the system for as long as you like in "play for free" mode to satisfy yourself completely that I'm telling the truth.

1.Choose a casino from the list below and download the casino set up file. you will want all casinos eventually, but for now only need to pick one to see how my system works.

                                       Just see the below & Click one of that & start playing

i. William Hill Casino 
ii. EoruGrand Casino
iii. Prestige Casino
iv. 21Nova Casino

2. Run the set up file. The software is guaranteed 100% ad-ware, male-ware & virus free, and is completely safe to install. These casinos are some of the largest and most reputable brands in the world so there's nothing to worry about on that score.

3. Choose either to "play for fun" or "play for money". If you are ready to get stuck straight ib, go for a real money account. If you want to test the system first, then just play for fun
21 Nova Casino


Recommended casinos:

William Hill Casino Euro Grand Casino Prestige Casino 21 Nova Image Map

TIPS - All of the casinos listed here offer great welcome bonuses, so when you decide it's time to go for real money, make sure you take full advantage of these bonuses. At WILLIAM HILL Casino for example, they'll take your first deposit and add £150 extra for free!

For the system to work safely, it's extremely important to have a big enough starting balance.

The method explained
You can see from the screenshot below just how well the system works. It shows where I increased an initial deposit of £120 to £10.000 in one month for an average profit of over £320 per day from just this one casino! I use the system in all four casinos to typically make up to £1200 per day.  

The screenshot is of a European Roulette table. Notice the red and black betting areas on the bottom of the table, these are used for placing bets on either "Red" or "Black" to win and they pay 1/1. That means if you bet £1 and you win, you get your original £1 back plus another £1, so basically you double your money. These are the only bets you need to make.

Now read this next part carefully ... 

If you repeat the same 
red/black bet over and over, you have a 100% probability of eventually getting a win, and if you apply my bet placement technique correctly, your win will always be bigger than your accumulated losses, so you always come out ahead ... GUARANTEED!

Let me explain - if you lose the first
red/black bet, you make the same play again but this time you double your bet. The idea is to win enough this time to cover the loss on the first bet. If you lose again, you make the same play again and you double again in the same way.

When you play the same 
red/black bet over and over and double your bet to cover your losses until you win, you are always guaranteed to come out ahead ... THAT SIMPLE MATHEMATICAL FACT WILL MAKE YOU THOUSANDS!  Here are some examples:

 Note: the process of 'doubling until you win' is referred to here as a 'betting cycle'.

Example betting cycle:

Spin 1 - Start with £1 on RED, the ball lands on BLACK so you lose £1.

Spin 2 - Double to £2 on
 RED, the ball lands on BLACK so you lose £2, making £3 lost in total.

Spin 3 - Double to £4 on
RED, the ball lands on BLACK so you lose £4, making £7 lost in total.

Spin 4 - Double to £8 on 
RED, the ball lands on RED so you win £8.

So in this betting cycle you lost £7 but you won £8. It's a mathematical fact that no matter how long or short a betting cycle is, you always come out ahead by the amount of your first bet when you use this technique.
Example betting cycle:
Spin 1 - First you bet £1 on RED, the ball lands on RED so you win £1. 
You're £1 up!
Example betting cycle:
Spin 1 - First you bet £1 on RED, the ball lands on GREEN so you lose £1.

Spin 2 - Put £2 on 
RED, the ball lands on RED so you win £2. 
You're £1 up!
Example betting cycle:
Spin 1 - First you bet £1 on RED, the ball lands on BLACK so you lose £1. 

Spin 2 - Put £2 on 
RED, the ball lands on BLACK so you lose £2, making £3 lost in total. 

Spin 3 - Put £4 on 
RED, the ball lands on RED so you win £4.
You're £1 up!

 as you can clearly see, you always come out ahead by the amount of your first bet regardless of how long or short the cycle is. In fact betting cycles are usually short, for example the odds of getting just 4 of the same color in a row are 16 to 1.

To start a new cycle you simply repeat the procedure starting with £1 on the opposite color. For example, when you've won a cycle on reds, play your next cycle on blacks, then the cycle after that on reds again and keep alternating.

Winning £1 doesn't sound much but I usually get through 3 or 4 average length cycles per minute. Do the math,
that's £150-£200 of clear profit per hour, and that's with only £1 bets. 

Using this technique is completely legal and the risks are almost non-existent if you follow these three golden rules:

1. Start each new cycle with a £1 bet.
2. If you lose, put your next bet on the same color and double it.
3. If you win, start a new cycle with a £1 bet on the opposite color.


The only thing that would keep this system from having a 100% success rate is either you do not have enough money to continue to double your bet as needed, or your bet reaches the maximum bet amount allowed for the table. However, as you read below you will see how even with these limitations - you still have a 99.69% success rate!

Most casino roulette tables have a maximum bet of £500. What this means is that you can double your bet a maximum of 9 consecutive times.
(The next bet of £512 would exceed the table maximum bet.)
But this begs the question... what are the chances that it could possibly go a full 9 spins without landing on black?! After all, on any given spin you have a full 47.4% chance that the ball will land on black. (The reason it isn't a 50%/50% chance is because of the zero number on the roulette wheel). As you play, with just one spin alone you have a pretty good chance of it landing on black, let alone... what are the chances that the ball would land on red 9 times in a row
Note: If the ball lands on 0, simply continue doubling your bet as normal.

After running a little statistics you can see that there is only a mere 1.12% chance that 9 spins in a row could occur without a black number appearing.


Or in other words, the Roulette System will work to your advantage
99.69% of the time! (100% - 0.31% = 99.69%) So who says you can't have the odds in your favor!?
Ready to get started? Click here for the WILLIAM HILL Casino website.
Important - Things to remember
Withdrawing your winnings
When you cash in your winnings, you should leave a healthy amount in your account for the next day's play. For example when your account balance reaches something like £4000 withdraw £3500 and leave £500 behind for the next time to give you that insurance I talk about in the last paragraph.

Mix it up
To stay undetected by the casino, I strongly recommend you play other games at least once every couple of days. If you stick to only roulette, when you win every day you'll stand out. If you mix it up by playing some of your roulette winnings on other games you should be able to go unnoticed. I like to play the 'Slots' and occasionally 'Blackjack', but it's entirely up to you. Don't get carried away though! Playing these other games is a lot of fun, especially when you win, but it's very easy to drop a lot of money in a short space of time if you're not careful, so be disciplined! My absolute cast iron rule is to never lose more than 15% of the roulette winnings I made that day, no matter how tempted I might be to continue playing.

Play more than one casino
Another important way to stay undetected by the casino is to not exceed £400 in winnings from one casino in one day. So when you reach about £380-£400 quit that casino and move on to the next casino. £400 from each of the four casinos every day is A LOT! so don't get greedy, and make sure you use all the casinos... Remember, you can shear a sheep many times - but you can skin him only once.

Ready to go? Click here for the WILLIAM HILL Casino website.
Important - What not to do!
Never use this system in a land based casino - you'll get caught and you'll get thrown out.

That's it. That really is how simple this system is! Now all that's left is for you to see how well it works... 
Click here to go to WILLIAM HILL Casino , or choose one of the other recommended casinos below!

Recommended casinos:

TIPS - All of the casinos listed here offer great welcome bonuses, so when you decide it's time to go for real money, make sure you take full advantage of these bonuses. At WILLIAM HILL Casino for example, they'll take your first deposit and add £150 extra for free!

For the system to work safely, it's extremely important to have a big enough starting balance.

Ready to get started? Click here for the WILLIAM HILL Casino website.
Contact me: 

If you want to thank me for introducing you to the Revolutionary Money System, please drop me an e-mail rather than IM me, because I sometimes like to use your e-mails as testimonials (with your permission of course). You can email me at

"I will never understand how I even gave this a try. I've always been skeptical about all these new money making schemes but I was desperate and I thought “what the hell”? On my fourth week I’m just a few hundred short of £9000…I never thought this could work." 
Victoria, (London, UK)

"Thank you so much for this valuable information. On my first week I made just over £8500…I know it’s way less most other members who’ve tried your system before, but I’m happy with the results. I never thought it was this easy."
Adil, (Liverpool, UK)

"Yeah, I’ve been using “system” for a few months now. I must be the first person in finding your site! In two months I’ve made over £25,000. I’m guilty of spending maybe too much time on this, but hey, it’s 25 grand. I’m using the system in all 4 different casinos you recommend so it helps me to diversify my strategies in different tables and avoid been caught."
Mark, (London, UK)

Recommended casinos:

TIPS - All of the casinos listed here offer great welcome bonuses, so when you decide it's time to go for real money, make sure you take full advantage of these bonuses. At WILLIAM HILL Casino for example, they'll take your first deposit and add £150 extra for free!

For the system to work safely, it's extremely important to have a big enough starting balance.

Ready to get started? Click here for the WILLIAM HILL Casino website.

           Start Playing & Earning

                  Enjoy yourself and have fun in the process!

Top 7 Freelancing sites : You Must Read To Know All About Them & To Earn Money Online..Perfectly


Online work has become an important way to earn money online.If you Have some skills of work like Webpage Design,Link building,SEO you can get a job & earn money but if you don't have a specific skill even then you can get a job like Captcha Typing ,PDF to word converting on freelancing sites.

There are some reliable Freelancing sites which providing freelancing work properly.You can find Many sites which are talking to give you a online work but all of them are not Legitimate & many of them are fake , So don't be foolish to work with them.i am going to give you 7 Top Freelancing sites which is the Most Famous and Trustworthy Freelancing sites which gives the work properly and they have 24 hrs of support from them via Email or Live chat.

So Get them from Here:
This is one of the most preferable online outsourcing online work providing company,In which you can find work to do or you can hire workers for your work.They support Paypal,Moneybookers,Credit cards,Bank transfer,Payoneer debit master card and Wire transfer to withdraw or to transfer or for Uploading Money from/of your account.You can earn here as an affiliator and you can also earn money from Contest being held on you can do hourly or Fixed rate work.

                                Sign up for a Freelancer account This is one of the most outsourcing job providing Organization,Which gives Email support and Live support 24 hrs of your project.You can find job/work or hire one contractor.They support PayPal,Direct Deposit/ACH(Free payments to US banks),Payoneer debit master card and Wire transfer to withdraw or to transfer or for Uploading Money from/of your account you can get an affiliate account from Odesk which is powered by Commission Junction(The Largest Paid Affiliate system)you can do here Hourly and fixed rate work.

                               Sign up for a odesk account This is the most popular Virtual job providing sites.You will get24 hrs Email and Online support from Elance Help center.They support Paypal,Moneybookers,Credit cards,Bank transfer,Payoneer debit master card and Wire transfer to withdraw or to transfer or for Uploading Money from/of your account.You can make money from their affiliate member.

                               Sign up for a elance account This is one of the Famous Freelancing sites which provide freelancing work and 24 hrs Email or Live help to the users.The best things is they allow Five accounts Per users so you can create 5 profile to use here for getting work.They support direct deposit, wire transfer,PayPal,Payoneer debit master card.

                              Signup For A Guru Account This is another Virtual Job Providing sites where you can get a job of Can hire a worker.Script Lance is a freelance marketplace that uses a reverse auction system to help buyers find programmers and designers to outsource their projects. Freelancers place bids on projects posted by interested buyers, who then work with the chosen winner to complete their programming work. The site caters to small and medium sized online businesses, and is used primarily by freelance programmers from India and Eastern Europe.

                Signup For a account Vworker formerly known as Rent a vWorker is a an online portal and virtual employment agency that enables companies to outsource projects and independent contractors to find work. Together with Elance, Freelancer, Guru, oDesk and Scriptlance it is one of the largest global freelance marketplaces.of its kind.The most Amazing Feature of is that you can do Live chat with your Buyer/Worker on vworker which is a great help for Employer and Worker to Understand Each Other.You can also earn money with their Affiliate programme too.They Support Paypal.

                    Signup for a vWorker  account is the new Outsourcing work Providing Company is an online marketplace matching freelance or self-employed professionals with project work, usually in small or medium-sized businesses (SME’s). They support Credit Card / Debit Card and Paypal to withdraw or to transfer or for Uploading Money from/of your account.

                   Signup For a account

There is another Outsourcing Company named but in this company you have to Pay them even to bid On a project that they work with only Paid Membership.That is why Mass people don't get Rush on it.

There are another Freelancing sites called  
which gives Freelancing work.You can earn from its affiliate programme too...

                    Sign Up for a Greatlance account

Ok Now you decide with which Organization you will work and sign up with them.

At first i recommend you to Signup the most Famous virtual Money transferring company then you should start work..

                   1.Paypal signup



The Above job sites i have listed are all of the free to signup. 

                                    Best Of Luck

Jobs search engine

Finding online jobs is easier but you can be cheated if you don't work with the legitimate Jobs providing can find many kinds of jobs on Freelancing sites by registering with them or you can just search the jobs you are eligible on online Jobs Search Engines.

One thing These type of job search engine they have no jobs posting on their own websites but they Only gather posted jobs from online jobs providing freelancing sites

How to find jobs?
Just go to the website and search the keywords you are skilled at jobs then negotiate with the job providers.It's easy..

What kinds of jobs can you get Here?

OK You will find every types of jobs here
2.Graphics design
3.Web design/Web development
And other online jobs

So check this out by searching jobs on them.






Search Thousands of SEO Jobs On SeoJobsFinder