Comprehensive List of Free Classified Ad Sites

Classified sites can be one of the great sources of generating free traffic to your site regardless of what you have to offer on your site. There are tons of classified sites exist in the world of internet and you can use these sites to good effect using compelling headlines and writing killer ad copy to attract visitors to your site. Some sites allow you to upgrade your account from free to premium membership for better exposure of your ads. However classified advertisement can be used with great effect even with free account.
Here are few tips on how to write classified ads:
Use compelling headlines: This is the first thing any of user will see, so make it appealing to ad visitors.
Add picture to support your ad: Adding picture to advertisement will increase the Click through rate of your advertisement thus ending in lots of traffic to your site.
Write short and descriptive ads: Don’t try to write everything in ad itself, write in concise based on call-to-action methods.
Here is the list of free classified ad sites

Classified Ad Sites