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Reviews Of Freelancing Sites/How To Make Money Online :

I am writing this from my own three years of experiences with the Freelancing sites. I started Freelancing more about three years ago. I tested with all the Freelancing to find a better place to earn money online. I will tell here about the Freelancing sites and their perspective views about the Contractors/Workers. As it is known that the word Outsourcing or Freelancing has been made to accomplish the work outside somewhere but I regret when I see Freelancing sites are alluring Clients to post projects Saying like "Get your work done 60-80% cheaper". Yes this makes sense but this sentence makes me feel bad sometimes that Freelancing sites are mocking Freelancers/Individual workers.
Sorry for my personal opinion but that is true. Now come to the point.
Freelancing Sites: One of the famous Freelancing sites which been used by thousands. This company is really great. Recently they have started hourly job but their hourly job is not that much popular. Their site is very easy to use. A free contractor will have like 30 bids a month.Here one can choose 25 job categories. Hundreds of jobs being posted here everyday. They have a milestone system which is great when contractors start a job they request the clients to deposit the milestone to the site Freelancer and after finishing the job client release the payment. If the worker does not do work perfectly then they have the best arbitration system which helps both clients and workers. They charge 10% of job price to a non paid membership holder and also they have other types of membership plans Ranging from $4.95 to $49.95 per month. This site usually prefer paid membership and for paid membership there are more privileges. Th worst things of this site is it cut the fee of the project just after pressing the job "accept" button. Whether you don or don't the work it has already deducted the amount from your Freelancer account and on this site job fee is being cut from the contractors profile. There are three payment system one can withdraw his earnings.PayPal, Skrill(Moneybookers),Payoneer debit master card.
oDesk: This is the biggest outsourcing site throughout the internet. Newcomer is being told by the others to start off with the oDesk. As here a lot of projects being posted and lots of works done. Here a lots of projects but in case of low profile work there are lots of workers and their are lots of clients too to accomplish their work. The odd thing is here a client can get his work accomplished with less than one dollar an hour and for that more than hundred contractor application being posted. In my three years of Freelancing I have seen that oDesk is the place where anyone can get their work accomplished with the least amount of money than any other freelancing sites. This site has some major problem like they don't have any milestone payment system for the fixed price job. I have lost more than $300 on oDesk on fixed price job. In my case I did the work properly and client released the money accordingly but due to payment processing problem clients account deactivated so I lost the money not to have milestone on the project, I contacted then on that issue and they told me that if you need guaranteed payment then you have to do Hourly job. As I said they are famous for the hourly job. They give good support on hourly job in favor of the contractors. They have a disgusting six days safety period on any type of payment withdrawal from the contractors accounts. They support PayPal,Skrill(Moneybookers),Payoneer debit master card, Bank Wire as Withdrawal option. This site is easy to use.They have good support system but their live chat support takes too long to respond. Good thing is they charge 10% of the project contracts on the clients side. on oDesk there are lots of work & lots of workers & the hourly system works best, in that case it is ahead of above all.
Guru: Another Biggest site in the world of outsourcing. The most interesting thing is that you can create here Five profile and you can run only one at a time but you can run others one by one. This is is easy to use and has community forum to support each other.
vWorker: This site is not too big and lot less job is being posted here. The bad thing is this site charge 15% of the project money on the contractors. There is a system on which contractor and client can do chat on this site this is good. They support PayPal and credit card to withdraw the payment.
Peopleperhour: This is a new sites but doing better. They respect the contractors and that is why they have placed hourly project of not less than $5 so it's good. Navigation of site is easy. They support PayPal and Credit Card as payment method.
Elance: My Favorite outsourcing site to work On. They have very good support services. The site is very easy to navigate. They have milestone system for fixed price job and guaranteed payment for hourly projects. Here $3 is the least hourly project anyone can place bid. There payment system are super fast. The amount is being delivered within one business day. They support PayPal, Skrill(Moneybookers),Payoneer debit master card,Bank transfer. The other good thing is that they only charge 8.75% from a project amount and that goes precisely on the clients shoulder. Their security system is best among all the Freelancing sites.
In My Opinion Elance & oDesk is the best of All Freelancing sites
I have seen that In Freelancing world some peoples are charging $0.5 an hour and some others are charging $90 an hour. So it depends on you, how much you can earn with your skills.
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Good Luck Folks