Link building is a process by which your website getting Back link/Inbound link from others website and increase your website page rank and visitors, which makes your site worthy.I am telling "simply" that if you search for a word on Giant Google then you will get information from blog or forum,You can see there are huge result on the Google about your search but you are only watching 20-30 page first, so if the page is in the first position on Google then it gets huge amount of visitors.So to get your site on the first page you need link building for your website, Basically one way link building.

Link building helps a website to get higher search engine rankings. This is possible through linking a website to other websites having higher search engine rankings. Link building process comes under the category of Off Page Optimization. Method used for building links for a website varies according to the wish of the website owner.

Link Building Methods:

One Way Link Building:One of the efficient methods followed for link building is one way link building. In this method, link of your website is placed in a website which has the same theme as your website. Moreover such external websites should have good search engine rankings High PR. In this method you need not add the links of the websites that have links pointing to your website. But many website owners do not accept this offer. So you may have to pay some money to get one way links from many websites. This inward link building cannot be beneficial for a long run. But it has some good effects on increasing search engine rankings of your website.

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Two Way Link Building:Another link building method that is widely used is two way link building. It is a mutually benefit method of building links to a website. In this method, two website owners have mutual understanding to place each other’s website links in their respective websites. This process of link exchange is effective when it is done between tow websites having same theme. This method is also called as reciprocal link building. This can be done by making some good comments on the articles on other websites. Along with the comments you can also ask the website owner for link exchange. There are other methods like dropping a message in the message box provided in the website for implementing two way link building.

Link Exchange Process:Two methods mentioned above need some direct interaction with owners of other websites. Those who do not want such direct interactions can go for submission methods like article submission and directory submission. In the case of article submission, you are going to submit the articles written in the website to directories and other forums where you can get appreciations in the form of back links. In the case of directory submission, you are going to submit the URL of your website with a short description. This can make your website more popular among web users. This helps people looking for link exchange process from websites having same interests to contact you.

Back links:All the above methods involve back links from unknown people. For making legitimate back links to your websites, you can ask your friends who are also doing online business to add your website link in their websites. This can be achieved by sending messages through social networking websites. This makes sure that you can have some back links for a long period. Before going for all the methods mentioned above, make sure that websites that are offering link exchange process have good search engine rankings. Linking back the websites having lower page rank may lead to decrease in search engine ranking of your website. Link building process not only brings you good page ranking. It can also bring good number of visitors to your website. All the benefits of this process thus make a website to be on the top of search results made through search engines.