100 Websites To Make Money Online Without investing Money in real

 Almost every internet user wants to know about making money online from their home by doing some online works but it has become very difficult to trust on any website for new internet users because there are many scam sites who claim to pay you for your work but when you reach the minimum payout according to their "Terms & conditions" they suspend your account due to violation their terms & conditions. So whenever you have to join money makeing websites you must check the website popularity by using alexa.com. Okay Let's talk about the websites which provide opportunities to make money online without investing money as registration fee.

Make Money By Writing Articles


1. Squidoo - Squidoo.com is revenue sharing website where you will earn by writing articles. You can choose the option to cash out your earning or donate your earning to the charity.

2. Hubpages- It's similar to squidoo but here you will have to adsense pid to earn from your articles. You can also earn from kontera, amazon etc.

3. Flixya- Flixya is a 100% revenue sharing program and it is owned by Google Adsense where you can put your adsense publisher id to earn from your uploaded photos, videos and articles. If you don't have an adsense account then you can sign up for adsense from flixya.com

4. Indyarocks- It's similar to flixya where you will earn from your adsense account but here you will find more features such as playing online games, free sms, social network etc.

5. Bukisa- It's an article directory where you will earn through Google Adsense.

6. Payperpost- This website provides a marketplace where bloggers can get paid by writing articles on their own blog.

7. Blogsvertise- This website similar to payperpost but here you will get more opportunities than payperpost.

8. Reviewme - If your website is accepted by this network then you will be paid by $20 to $200 per project.

9. Smorty - It has large network of bloggers where each blog is carefully reviewed by them.

10. Sponsoredreviews- Sponsoredreviews connects small & big blogger with seo's marketers. It is another option to earn sufficient money with your blog.

11. LoudLaunch - This website offers paid post to bloggers and they pay once in a month.

12. About.com- You can be paid guide by writing articles but your earning will depend on the page views of your articles.

13.Helium- You will earn money online by writing articles in this website as a writer.

Make Money Online by doing freelancing work

14. Freelancer - You will earn by doing online projects. You have to bid on every project before starting any project.

15. Odesk - It is similar to freelancer. There is no minimum cash out and they pay every time.

16. Elance - Elance provides online works for freelancer. It's a great marketplace for freelancers and providers.

17. Vworker- It's similar to freelancer and elance but here you will earn great commission from their affiliate program.

Make Money with Adnetworks by displaying ads on your site/blog

18. Google Adsense

19. Zedo.com

20. Kontera.com

21. Adbrite.com

22. Bidvertiser.com

23. Buysellads.com

24. Chitika.com

25. Affinity.com

26. Adhitz.com

27. Adonion.com

28. Admagnet.com

29. Metanetwork.com

30. Cpxinteractive.com

31. Smowtion.com

32. Valueclickmedia.com

33. Casalemedia.com

34. Textlinkads.com

35. Globaltakeoff.net

36. Xtendmedia.com

37. Advertising.com

38. Technorati

39. Ligit.com

40. Tyroo.com

41. Komli.com

42. Megaclick.com

43. Kanoodle

44. Linkworth.com

45. Miva.com

46. Tribalfusion.com

47. Tnx.net

48. Etology.com

49. Brustmedia.com

50. Pulse360.com

51. Bannerconnect.com

52. Z5x.net

53. Pixazza.com

54. Clicksor.com

55. Infolinks.com

56. Textlinkbrokers.com

57. Blogads.com

58. Aeesy.com

59. Parked (Earn From Domains)

Make Money with Affiliate Network by selling products on your website/blog

60. Commission Junction

61. Clickbank

62. Google Affiliate Network

63. Linkshare

64. Shareasale

65. Buy.at

66. Clixgalore

67. Amazon

68. Linkconnector

69. Affiliatebot

70. Revenueads

71. Peerfly

72. Paydotcom

73. Cpaleads

74. AmpedMedia

75. Affiliatefuture

76. Plimus

77. Fluxads

78. Maxbounty

79. Moreniche

80. Yeahcpa

81. Pointclicktrack

Earn From Social Networking Sites

82. Mylot- You will be paid for answering someone.

83. Peoplestring- You will earn from your every activity on this site because this site share 70% revenue to their users but you will not able to earn huge money it just for pocket money.

Earn by with other popular websites on the internet that pays you:

84. Amazon Mechanical Turk- It pays you by completing any project that they require.

85. Tutor- Earn Money by teaching online.

86. 2tion.net - It is an online tuition portal where you will earn by teaching students

87. tutorvista.co.in - Become an online tutor and earn money online from this website.

88. transtutors.com- It hires teachers to teach students.

89. buddyschool.com- It is similar to tutor.com and transtutors.com

90. Shareapic- You will earn by uploading photos. You will earn by sharing your pictures.

91. Conduit - This website provides you toolbar to earn money. see the example of toolbar at http://bukituki.ourtoolbar.com

92. Megaupload - You will earn from your uploaded files that means when someone downloads your uploaded files from this websites you will earn money.

93. Fotolia - Earn Money by doing online photography with this website.

94. istockphoto - It is another great website for photographer to earn money from their photography skill.

95. Babylon Dictionary- Babylon dictionary offers great commission to their affiliate.

96. Shaadi Rewards- It's an Indian matrimonial site that pays good commission to their affiliate.

97. RegNow Software affiliate This website provides affiliate software where you can earn by offering software on your website or blog.

98. Bharatmatrimony Affiliate Program- It is similar to shaadi rewards.

99. Uniblue Software Affiliate Program- This website provides some useful affiliate software such as free antivirus, free computer scanner etc.

100. Lenovo Computers- If you can sell their products then you will earn huge money from their affiliate system.