As my intention to give people(Basically newbie in SEO and Freelancing) a very good way to find Do follow blog ,Forum, .edu , .gov blog Relevant for creating backlink to your site,I have got something for you.I have seen many search query on Forum and blog that "how to find relevant Do follow blog" There is an option and Creating backlinks is the most important thing for new websites. Backlink is the main key factor to get indexed by Google,Yahoo,Bing for a new websites so if your website is new and want to get thousands of relevant backlinks from edu. or gov. websites or blogs. When your website has more than 500 to 1000 relevant back links from similar websites your websites is shown on the top of the search result on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

One more thing when you comment on any website to generate back link please make a comment relevant to the topics.You should not spam to create back links because Google has powerful spam detecting software and it can hide your website from their search result.

                       gives you the easiest way to find relevant websites to create back links. Just type the relevant keyword and hit enter. It will give you the list of relevant websites from Google search. After than you can create back links by leaving relevant comments on the websites.