About Niraj Govinda Shrestha & his Services

Hi, This is about my friend Niraj Govinda Shrestha , Niraj Govinda Shrestha is a web developer & software developer. I am doing a favor post here because this blog is of all of our friends & I happen to be with this effort when we started this blog in 2010 because back then starting a blog was profitable because you could just place some Google adsense ads on this & SEO was not this much tough as it is now. Along with everyone there were couple of my other friends also Niraj Guho, Anil Shrestha, Govinda Da & Niraj Govinda Shrestha . This blog is about List of classified websites & back then classified website was hot shot for marketing because you could get tons of traffic from posting a single ads on Craigslist or Gumtree. I saw a guy earning more than 5 grand per month from affiliate marketing by just posting ads on Gumtree & appeal of classified sites still holds. Niraj Shrestha & others helped me a lot to gather those websites list because back there there were thousands of classified websites & sometimes we had to confirm that the website is for real & we had to post ads to see the subscriptions & registration styles, that's why still currently this blog is one of the best source of classified websites. And Niraj Govinda Shrestha also helped me with his Freelancing experiences, Niraj started Freelancing way before me & was highly experienced at that time ,so we employed his experience to write most of the articles about Freelancing, back then Freelancing was not centric like that, we had lots of other outsourcing websites like Rentacoder,Vworkers,scriptlancer, later those companies got taken over by the big companies like Freelancer.com or Elance.com. At first Niraj used to work on Freelancing sites, Then they a web development & software development company, you could visit about them Here , There they have described their services & everything else in a great detail. They have served the clients from all over the world. They have done couple of very high profile projects & among them there were Merundi.com a coupon website.
Niraj Govinda Shrestha
Niraj Govinda Shrestha

As a Friend I must say that Niraj Govinda Shrestha is a gem of a person, he cares about his closest, cares about The World , cares about humans & he cares about the good things in this world. There were a time when we used to go by the lake & talked about our future plans & we used to talk about the tech world & where it's going to be in future, almost 10 years have past since we involved in this tech world, w have learnt a lot & we are still learning & one of the thing I like about Niraj is he believes in "learning & Adapting" & that's has kept him in this industry game because technology is changing in every day & worlds progressing, so, to cope up & keep the pace we gotta learn & adapt.

The Big Google Thing: Once Niraj told me that Google is going to be the biggest player in search engines because they were constantly changing their codes & making life easy for others to find the informations & back then we both had a very funny notion that very soon Indian's going to rule the tech world & now you see that Indian's really control the top position of software industry in Google, Microsoft.

We see exiting news everyday for Indians tech geezer & new faces because recently Forbes reported that Tata Contultancy Services (TCS) will train 100 thousands personnel to become Freelancer or tech entrepreneurs & skilled workforce.as far as I know that this kind of program will enhance our ability & will bring & diverse more knowledge to the young money hungry people in India & will bring some great Entrepreneurs, We are a country of Entrepreneurs , we have Ambani,TATA, Modi & lots of others & now we see that there are Billion $ Indian company coming online with huge backup investment & because of that we got couple of Billion Dollar companies like OLX, SnapDeal.com, PepperFly.com.Flipkart & there are lot in the development & Hyderabad has become the Sillicon Valley of India & we are doing great, I am telling about this because Niraj Govinda Shrestha teaches on Freelancing classes of (TCS) & brings the best out of the students.

As a person Niraj is very prolific in nature & very easy going, helping in nature, today is the day of communications & the Digital era, only those will live & keep fit who has the gut to transform & keep connected with the world & people around themselves. Niraj Shrestha follows this trends very well because he is well established on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin..at the end of this post I am going to share Niraj's profiles but before that let me tell you about his vision about connecting with the people. Niraj believes that to empower the youth & to get the best out of this digital age we must connect with each other & share our thoughts with each other & that's how we can make this world a global village, we have always dreamed of Global village & now we have the chance & we gotta do our parts, now we can connect with the people of the farthest continent within a seconds & we live in a privileged age. This is how we could make teh world a better place to live & thrive.

This is Niraj Govinda Shrestha's Linkedin profile https://www.linkedin.com/pub/niraj-govinda-shrestha/101/205/520   You could connect with him & get the advice's about digital world & if you have any software or website development projects, then I believe you could accomplish that with him.

This is Shrestha's Facebook profile, you could also connect with him there, https://www.facebook.com/NirajGovindaShrestha1

I am bidding farewell to my friend Niraj Govinda Shrestha .