Where & Whome to Learn SEO & Online Marketing

If you want to learn SEO or online marketing then you got plenty of options. There are thousands of forums or blogs to learn from & people are very helpful in this area because almost nothing works in SEO arena these days. A Story: " Once upon a time we used to manipulate Google as we wanted to & would make big bucks but Alas! Google has got talented these days & SEO tricks doesn't work any more. Now only plain tricks works, It's 2016 & you gotta be smart too ,to learn SEO or online marketing. OK, after all the saying if yet you would like to learn SEO then it's good, you have the guts. As I told you before that there are thousands of blog posts & dedicated forums to learn about SEO & Online Marketing. Some of the best forums for online marketers are WarriorForum & DigitalPoint, sign up with WarriorForum & start following the threads & try learning gradually.

You should follow couple of blogs to keep updated about the latest SEO updates & tips. Blog you should follow are SearchEngineLand,SearchEngineWatch & Moz.com. They are the pioneer in the SEO blogging & market leader. Moz is the most trusted SEO analytic provider which evaluates websites & check how the website rack up to Google's SEO standard.

Another good way is to searching on YouTube because in this case you will be able to see the tactics live.

The above three process is a bit lengthy because you have to do everything yourself, from learning to establishing a strategy to implement, that's why the best plan is to take some online courses on SEO. you might not get these SEO courses for free but if you spend a little bit of money, this could save you couple of boring months & this course will help you to keep in the track otherwise for sure you will get diverted or frustrated.

Where to get these paid SEO courses ?
OK, there are two best choices/places to get these SEO courses
No.1 is Lynda : Lynda.com is one of the best place to find online courses & we have seen from our experience that there are more than 30 online SEO courses on Lynda. If you get a subscription of 1 month or a year then you will be able to watch & download all the SEO courses provided by Lynda. We have verified that almost all the SEO courses are provided by the industry leader & the course video quality is superb. With this Lynda.com discount coupon code get $60 off or 10 day Free trial.

No 2 option is Udemy : Udemy is the leading online tutorial provider marketplace. This is a bit different than Lynda because Udemy is a user generated market place where teachers teach or publish their courses on any topics they want, that's why there are much versatility on Udemy than Lynda but Lynda is much more cost effective & their quality is much better because they are watched over & published by only Lynda.com approved providers. As there are more versalities,so there are more opportunities in Udemy, you will get almost any courses you want on Udemy. buy of the courses for $10 of SEO or $15 or $19 or theer are Free Udemy courses, which you could start with. Get Udemy courses with these Udemy Coupon Codes & save upto 91%.

Happy Learning
Best of luck.