How start a blog with paying less for domain & hosting

If you want to start your own blog or website then you need to buy a domain & web hosting & that will cost you a lot & to less your spending you could use coupon codes. There's a blog on How to start a blog where you will find all the tutorials you need to know to start your own website yourself. on that website you will get also lots of ideas to generate content & you can get coupon codes & promo codes of & iPage.

Why a blog is needed:
i. Blog is required to maintain the communications to the customers because blogging is a very important tools to update your followers.
ii. You can promote your business with a blog if you are an executive of a company
iii. You can protect your brand online with blogging because blogging helps to do Online Reputation Management .

iv. Static websites don’t attract many new clients or customers. But a regularly updated blog can produce a constant stream of good leads from all around the world.  When you publish in-depth blog posts that help potential clients/customers solve their problems, they come to trust you and respect you as an expert in the field. If they want more help than a blog post can offer, then they’re likely to be interested in hiring your business. So, for every angle having a blog is necessary.