SEO On Page Factors

On page Factors plays an important role in getting top position among various search engine results. On page factors refers to everything and anything which can affect the actual page . This includes Tag optimization, Structure of a site, Page text, Images attributes of a website. you must follow On Page optimization factors as well as off page factors to find your website by search engines. On Site SEO factors optimizes the website with respect to user and search engine friendly keywords.On site factors will also improve Search engine ranking of a website.

There are so many On Site SEO Factors which we need to consider during the optimization process.

Some of the Important On Site SEO factors are listed below

Title Optimization: Title tag is the first and foremost thing for your web page to be listed in Search Engine results. This tag tells the search engines what your page contains.You must ensure that every page has its own individual meta description, title tags in your website.The Length of the tag should not exceed 70 characters including spaces if anything longer than that search engines cuts part of your title and replaced with dots.
Meta Optimization: Meta description is the head section of the web page that describes your page, search engines will use this description in the short snippet of text that it displays to someone searching for your keywords. Meta description should be unique for each page in your website, containing phrases relevant to your page content.
Heading Tags: Search engines give more weight to content or keywords in heading tags (h1 to h6) than ordinary body text. You should try to place keyword in as many headings as possible aiming for at least h1 to h3.

Internal Link Structure: Internal Link Structure is one of the most important and complex part of On Site Optimization. Linking certain Important page from home page and some other popular pages on your website gives a lot of quality links to your website. You need to include your Prioritized keywords as a anchor text for those internal links.
Content Optimization: Content is King in Search Engine Optimization .Unique Content is the most important Factor to get your sites to the Top of the Search Results. If you add content on a regular basis search engine visits your website more frequently. Search engine spiders always loves Fresh plain text content only, Maintain at least 350 words of quality Fresh content on your web pages.SEE Provides Search Marketing Optimization services for your Business.
Site Map Creation: Good sitemap is what really helps the search engines to index all your web pages and brings more traffic to your website.

HTML Code Validation: Unnecessary and extraneous HTML code gives a negative impact to your Search Engine Rankings.