3 SEO Tips That should Keep in Mind of Webmaster

All of You have heard of white-hat and black-hat SEO techniques. But do you realize that stuffing your website with keywords can get your site ranking lower in the search engines? The first strategy if use in an appropriate ways, can dramatically hurt your rankings in the search engines. This is one of the most common steps are taken by new website owners and webmasters.

1) Keyword stuffing:
This is one of the most common SEO mistakes made by most people new to online marketing. They made the mistake of over stuffing their websites with keywords thinking that the more they have on their website and meta tags, the higher they will rank in the search engines. Keyword stuffing occurs if you have more than 30% of your keywords on your website. However, nothing is further from the truth. If you over stuff your website with too many keywords, search engines will treat your website as a spam site. In the worst case, your website may even be banned from the search engines entirely.

2) Wrong linking strategies:
Although having external links to your website can improve your search engine rankings; however do not over do it. Some web masters go to the extent of having unrelated sites link to the websites. This can lower your website's rankings too. If you need to have external links, you have to strategize and get links from related sites. For example, if your site is about sailing boats, make sure you have links from related sites such as boat repair instead of unrelated sites such as dog training.

3) SEO unfriendly site: slow loading website
Having a website that takes too long to load can also hurt your SEO- rankings. So you have to take a look into your website code and test it on different platforms. Make sure your website takes less than a minute to load even on the slowest bandwidth. Secondly, if your website code is messy, it will also lower your rankings. Try not to load too many graphics that may make your site slower to load.

Thus if you are thinking of optimizing your website for the search engines, bear in mind the following SEO tips that may hurt you more than help you. In order to have a SEO-friendly site and to have it rank higher in the search engines, take some effort to study the SEO rules. Ignore SEO rules at your own peril.