Earn As Affiliator With Alertpay

            Earn Money With Alertpay Affiliate Programme

Alertpay is one of the most popular payment processors on the internet and many people think Alertpay is the best alternative to PayPal. Alertpay is an online money transaction system ( You can say it "Online Bank") similar to PayPal and it's free to create an account in Alertpay. Alertpay allows you to send and receive money online. You can also hold your money in Alertpay. Creating Alertpay account takes less than two minutes. Now many online ad networks support Alertpay such as- adhitz ,adsvisual , adf.ly, popads.net etc.

Earn With Alertpay Affiliate Program

Now let's talk about its affiliate program. With Alertpay affiliate program you could earn big commission when you refer valid referral. Making money with Alertpay is very easy if you refer real customers. You can make $10 per free referral with Alertpay affiliate program. When your referral spends, receive or hold money more than $250 in their alertpay account you will receive $10. For example if you send 1 active referral per day you will make $10 for that. When you will create an account in Alertpay you can see "Earn Money" tab in your account home page.

Some main features of Alertpay:

* Send Money Online through AlertPay
* Receive Money Online Via AlertPay account
* Keep your money online with Alertpay
* Sell your own products or services on your blog or site via Alertpay such as- ebooks, scripts, tutorial videos, seo service etc.
* Make money with its affiliate program
* Add fund with credit card
* Transfer money in your bank account

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