What is List Building?

List Building is the process of creating a database of like-minded individuals online who are interested in same niche that your web site revolves around.

Basically the idea with list building is that instead of simply having one opportunity to sell someone, the time when they come to your web site first, you have many opportunities to sell to someone, or show them the value of your products.

By adding them to your list, or email database, it gives you the opportunity to send them repeat information or invitations to go to your web site. Of course, the more times an individual is exposed to the information on your web site, the more likely it is that they will eventually buy something from you.

So the basic idea of building a list is that you have the opportunity to build a list of email addresses to which you can mail your latest promotions and interesting content.

What is the Objective of List Building?
The objective of list building is basically to create online relationships, and engender trust among the members of your list, so that when they are ready to make a purchase, they choose to purchase from you rather than from someone else's website.

Who is the Target for List Building?
I think that to identify a target for list building, you have to first identify your market. To whom do you sell? Doctors, students, pet lovers? Whoever you sell to is basically your target market in list building - we generally refer to that target market as a niche market, or niche.
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