Effective One Way Link Building Service Advice Given From Google

We have been hearing from everybody about link building and what is the most effective link building services out their but what does Google have to say about all of this. Well finally Google speaks up.
Google's Maile Ohye is telling everybody what most SEO experts have been telling us for years. If you want your website to get on the first page of Google's search engines then you need lots of unique content and inbound links. As you can see unique content is first then link building comes second. So what kind of link building services will help you get the top spot? Lets see.
Google has just admitted that they do not like spammy links. Spammy links are one way link building services that charge a fee to add lots of links that link back to your site all at once. Google wants your links to be more merit based. Your link building should grow slowly and gradually from websites or blogs that are related to your site's content. This is the most effective link building their is. This will make Google feel like you earned that link because of your content and not because you simply paid for one.
So first start a blog that closely fits your website and create a one way link to your website. Make sure you ping your blog to other sites so they will pick up your content. Also add comments from other blogs with a link back to your site. Just make sure your comment is related to the blog or you are thanking the other member for their site and then add a link to your site.
Creating a video is an effective one way link building service that anybody can do these days. Just record yourself or generate a video content feed talking about you website and include a one way link in your video and on the information chart on the side. Videos will usually get better placement on search engines than just word content. If you send your video to as many video sites as you can you are sure to get a page one ranking for your keyword in no time.
The best one way link you can get will come from websites with a high PR or "Page Rank" with a rating of 4 or higher. Google will keep your link up much longer when it comes from another website that is really well known. There are other link building services that can teach you how to get those link building skills.
So now you have it. That's all that Google is looking for when it decides to put a certain website on the top page. With good unique content and merit based link building services you can achieve your goal of getting on that top spot on search engines.
Authors name is Ellis Jackson jr. He has been offering niche website advice for years and has reviewed products and services to help people get started. If you would like a free tool to help you in you link building then please visit: One way links. For information on niche website creation then visit: http://www.allproman.com