Earn Money Online with File Sharing sites

Making money with file sharing sites is one of the most easiest online jobs. If you don't have any technical skill then file sharing job can be very helpful for you because this job doesn't require any technical skill. Only you have to share the links of your files to friends.

Earn Cash With Free File Hosting & Sharing Site

Earning cash with free file hosting & sharing site is very easy job but you have to share your links on all major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google plus etc to generate more downloads for your files. The main factor of this job is generating more downloads from unique IP address. Earnings depend on different factors such as- geographical location of users, file size of downloadable file etc.

You can make money online by sharing your links with friends, family and other internet users. Fileserve.com allows you to upload & share your file with your friends & others and when they download your file you will make money. Files could be anything such as videos, photos, ebooks, software etc. Joining on this site is free. Your visitors can also download your files for free so making money with file sharing job is very easy. Fileserve.com offers $25 per 1000 unique downloads that means you will earn $25 when your uploaded files are downloaded 1000 times from different IP addresses.

Referral program- Fileserve.com also offers big commission to the members for referring someone. If you want to earn money with its affiliate(referral) program. It pays 25% of your referrals' earning that means if your referred person earns $100 you will get $25.

How To Earn : You will earn money with free file sharing job with 4 simple steps:

1. Register your free account in Fileserve.com
2. Upload a file to fileserve and get downlload link
3. Share your download links on your website, blog, social networking profiles, groups, online discussion forums etc where people can see the links to download your files
4. You will earn commission every time when someone downloads your uploaded files. You can earn up to $25 per 1000 downloads.

. you can withdraw money in your bank account and in Credit cards.

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