One Way Link Building - 3 Essential Link Building Tips

Before you start a one way link building campaign for your website, there are several essential tips you need to know in order to be successful. We'll have a look at why should gradually build links, why you shouldn't just point links to your home page and reasons to diversify your link building efforts.
1. Link Building Is Long Term.
Don't start your link building campaign by getting a ton of different links and pointing them all to your website in one big hit. This used to be OK, but search engines have got much smarter and can see this as an attempt to game their systems. What they're looking for is a gradual and steady increase of links. This looks natural to them and proves that your site is becoming more popular and the authority and PageRank of your site will gradually increase. Link building is a long term strategy. If you do a small amount of link building every day you will see results start to pile up. It won't happen immediately but your persistence will pay off in the long run.

2. Don't Only Include Links To Your Home Page.
Pointing all your links to your home page is a common mistake. Contrary to what most people think, Google PageRank is calculated on a page by page basis. A website with a PageRank of 7 (very high) on their homepage could have lots of other pages with a PageRank of 1 or 2 (very low). However Google doesn't just look at PageRank when ranking your site in their Search results. They look at the accumulation of pages in the website and the PageRank of each page to determine the authority of your website. So PageRank is just part of the equation and you need to have incoming links to all pages in your website.
3. Diversify Your Links
Also ensure that links coming into your site use keywords as the anchor text where possible. Try to avoid using just the URL as you will get some extra ranking from search engines if the keyword on your link is related to the keywords on the page it's linking to. Once you start building back links you also need to spread them round a bit.
The majority of links coming to your site should be from within your niche, but you also want links from non related sites, once again to make it look more natural from a search engine angle. A good example is if you have a weight loss site. You might have links coming into your site from more diverse niches such as medical health, recipe sites, product sites and so on.
As you can see it's all very well having back links but you do need to drill a bit deeper into the mechanics of link building. For an effective one way link building campaign build your links gradually and naturally, get plenty of links to inner pages in your site, not just the home page, and spread your links around.