One-Way Link Building With Quality

There are so many different search engine optimization techniques it can make your head spin. So most people that do SEO focus on a few tactics the most. The method that maintains it's potency in the eyes of most internet marketers is one-way link building.

For those who aren't exactly sure what one-way link building is I will make it clear first. Any other site on the internet with a link to your site gives you a back link, and the relevance and page rank of that site determines the value of the link. Building links will increase your search engine rankings because if you do it correctly they can be very valuable in Google's eyes.
You can almost think of one-way links as a vote of confidence for your website from other pages. These votes have a positive effect on your page rank depending on the value Google gives them. It is a very interesting system that is very very tough to manipulate. Try to focus on inbound links, having others link to your page but do not participate in link exchange. This is the most effective link building strategy, you avoid the problems that go along with other methods such as three way and reciprocal linking. With reciprocal link building you can be effected by the actions of the other site. What happens if you have 50 reciprocal links out there and some of the other webmasters decide to remove your links they aren't reciprocal anymore, they are just worthless.
Even with one-way link building you want to check to make sure your links are active so you don't run the risk of being penalized by search engines. Broken links will bring down the ranking of your site so keep them ALIVE. If you want to pay for link building this is also an option. There are companies that will just build relevant link for you for a certain rate. There are also programs you can use to exchange content with other webmaster in return for your one- way link. If you are broke like me than you are probably more interested in doing it yourself even though it requires more time. When you make the big bucks than you can pay for links and spend your days dreaming up visionary internet marketing plans.
You can just come up with articles such as this one and add your links at the bottom of the page. Just write an article about your niche and put links on the bottom to you page, simple as that. Come on what do you think I'm doing right now...doing my part to tell people about SEO free of charge, or trying to get a link. Hopefully you can figure that out by now and if not you might not want to read on. Make sure to submit to the "heavy hitters" or the directories with high page rank. Ezine for example ranks 6 out of 10 which is very good.
A key element to these links is the anchor text you use. It should be keyword friendly to maximize the link's value, you don't want to go around putting links to your site with anchor text Click Me, try to think a little more relevant. If this sounds like a little too much work, look into the link-building services out there or you could even pay someone to write articles for you.